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I firmly believe that a good BDSM technique is a skill

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I am often asked how I started in BDSM and why I became a Mistress. So to answer those who have yet to ask and perhaps to cast some light on my dark side and how it has led me to be the person I am today, here is my answer for you.

Lots of people can point to an exact date or a particular formative event that drew them into BDSM. However, I know many others of you, like me, find it harder to pick a single point in time. What I can say is that when I was younger, I always knew that there was something missing, something my subconscious knew it needed but was lacking in my life. Somewhere between the occasional and the somewhat random kink experiences of my life, my yearning for BDSM grew stronger and by the time I watched my first BDSM film (if you are curious, coincidently it was shortly after I moved to London that “Preaching for the Perverted” was re-released), it became engrained deeply within me.

Ever since, I have been, (and still am!) fascinated by all things BDSM, including a deep interest in both the emotional complexities and the underlying psychology of my fellow explorers in this fun and deviant world. That interest eventually led me to becoming a Mistress, a profession perfectly matched to my insatiable BDSM curiosity and my natural exploratory nature. This in turn is reflected in my own approach to BDSM.

I also firmly believe that BDSM should always be fun and enjoyable – at its basic level. As such, I am not a cold and aloof Mistress who wants someone to grovel at their heeled boots, and I most definitely do not adhere to the old adage of a Dominatrix being someone who “hates men”. Creating a genuine dynamic is far more satisfying than any false masquerades.

Being able to understand and utilise the psychological aspects of submission is something I consider to be both a fun and crucial aspect of my role as a Femdom. I enjoy finding out what makes a person tick and – just as importantly – why! And so, I take as much delight in guiding the first steps of the curious novice as in leading the experienced into the darker and more deviant recesses of the BDSM kink world.

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Anal Plugs Animal Roles Aromas Asphyxiation Ball Stretching Beating Blindfolding Bondage Boot Worship Caning Chastity Chores Collars Dildos Domination Dungeon Facility Duo Available Enemas Examinations Exhibitionism Face Slapping Fantasy Fisting Foot worship Forced Intoxication Gags Golden Showers Harems Harnessing Hoods Hot waxing Humiliation Immobilization Interrogations Leather Clothing Medical scenes Mummification Nipple clamps Nipple weights Pain Public exposure Punishment Riding crops Rubber/latex Serving Spanking Speculums Strap-on Suspension Teasing Urethral Sounds Video Violet wand Whipping

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